What would working together look like?

The first step is booking a consultation and seeing if we’re a good fit for eachother. Our consultation will involve getting to know you, the problems you’re facing, the questions you have, and what you think you need help with. We can work together to build a project comprised of interviews, research, and presentations that fit your needs.

I work best with mission-driven people who are concerned not just with their bottom line (though that’s important!) but with fulfilling their purpose in life and giving back to the world.

What does IRL research lab stand for?

Drawing from a long line of recursive acronyms, IRL stands for IRL Research Lab. But secretively, the “I” in IRL stands for ibeona, based on the Greek goddess for new beginnings, baby steps and outward journeys. I love supporting people to bravely begin new projects, and I have years of experience building my own.

Who is IRL Research Lab?

IRL Research Lab was started by Allison Burtch. I have a wide network of brilliant and talented collaborators, and in the following year I plan to publish some research reports with colleagues. Please be in touch if you’d like to work together.

How’d you get the @irl twitter handle?

Very carefully :)

How’d you make this website?

This site was made using Ruby Jekyll, modifying the Noir theme and Netlify. Shout out to all the open-sourcers out there.