Introducing IRL Research Lab


Hi, thanks for visiting. Consider this the “hello, world” post for IRL Research Lab.

Launching a consultancy in the middle of a global pandemic is not ideal. In fact it’s the opposite of the situation that I was imagining.

But I’m trying to get over that. We do not live in an ideal world. And I think that some people are just waking up to that. We can see in real time the system that we have built being stress tested. Next, we will be able to see some of the most beautiful humans shine with bravery, sacrifice and risk. And we will also see the ugliness of greed, fear, exploitation and control. And we will grieve.

We’re facing one of the biggest crises that this generation has experienced. There are many unknowns to the future. But there are some knowns. People need health care, housing, work, food, and community. And they want a future they can believe in.

I want to help you build that future. I’m talking about climate resilience, AgTech, food infrastructure, biotech, privacy, psilocybin/ketamine for mental health, batteries, 5G, space. Complicated projects that maybe don’t have a clear endpoint.

I have a lot of experience holding space in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. And I’m ready to do it now, with you. I’ve opened my schedule March 23rd-April 3rd to talk to anyone who is working on something urgently relevant. There is no project too big or too small. Let’s be brave together.